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 Raging Grannies is a tabletop role playing game of fantasy fighting grandmas, ridding the world of evil between tea and bridge. Use the wisdom of age and a lifetime of experience to rid the world of monsters (usually human) and ageism (also usually from humans). 

Gather some dice, some pencils, and a couple friends for this micro game of glaives and grannies. 

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorAlicia Furness


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Very fun game! I love the idea of elderly adventurers and Raging Grannies is a great way to make those ideas a reality! 10/10 recommend!

even if i never get around to actually playing this, I'm having a hoot rolling characters - best $3 I've spent in a while, and I've not even played it yet

So glad you are having fun! 

We played this yesterday with 3 players and one GM. It was definitely fun to finally have a game in which my favourite age group is the center of the story.

Awesome! So glad to hear you liked it. There definitely needs to be more games with cool elderly ladies! 

Can it be played by just two people, or does it need 3+?

It can be played with one GM and one player. it’s rules light and easily adaptable. 

Okay, the last line is, "Encourage the use of safety tools, like X, N, and O cards as well as Lines and Veils. "

I don't see any reference to any of that elsewhere in pamphlet.  Is this supposed to just be a scenario for a separate established game system?  Or are these just common concepts that I've somehow missed?

These are general safety tools you can use. Lots of resources out there for different safety tools if you google!

Hey, this sounds really cool!

Would it be possible to see what the inside of the game looks like? Also, how many pages is it? :)

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A little bit of art. Two pages. Good game for a beginner. Cute idea and simple :D


it’s just a short two page micro game! 

Gotcha! Thanks for the answer :)